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            Hydraulic pumps

            Hydraulic pumps was established in 2000 primarily to supply the mining and mineral extraction industry. From those early days hydraulic pumps has grown to be one of the most respected companies in the hydraulics industry.

            Our main areas of service are listed below:Hydraulic pumps

            Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders


            We have a standard range of Hydraulic cylinders, some of which can viewed by hydraulics following the above link, but if you have a one off or require a custom built cylinder please contact us and we will be happy to help. We can also manufacture cylinders for offshore and sub sea applications to DNV or equivalent standard.

            Service Centre

            We can repair all your pneumatic and hydraulic rams from small workshop rams such as the Enerpac range to enormous cylinders used in steel foundries.

            A ram can come in many different types such as, double acting, single acting, telescopic, displacement, spring return and hollow, our workshop is equipped to handle them all.

            If, like us, you have pallet racking in your warehouse for the most efficient way to store your products, you need to make sure that you racking is safe for your workers, and for any visitors including members of the public and suppliers. Visit www.logicalstorage.co.uk for a one stop shop - not only will they build and install your racking for you, but they will carry out all of the inspections so that you can rest assured you will not be breach of any health and safety laws.

            Cavity Plugs


            Cavity plugs allow for the removal of cartridge valves from a circuit while still maintaining the integrity of the hydraulic system. This is often desirable when a system needs flushing following repairs, component replacements or to change an operational function within the circuit. Cavity plugs are available in all frame sizes and are offered in a variety of styles: 2 port cavities, 3 port cavities, 4 port cavities (external locating shoulder), 4 port cavities (internal locating shoulder) and 6 port cavities.

            It is paramount when car owners come to purchase car warranty that they use a firm that has no mileage restrictions, or limit to the number of repairs you can have, and that all repairs can be carried out at any VAT registered garage or dealer of their own choice.

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